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Initiative 4: Enhance Our Environment

Alpha Kappa Alpha has the power to galvanize our organization of more than 120,000 active members, create a ripple effect, and make significant impact on our environment. 

We will employ select strategies to optimize our collective ability and to improve and protect the environment at scale. We will prioritize activities that promote the adoption of more sustainable and responsible practices.

Areas of Focus:
  • Tree Planting
    Chapters will track and measure the collective environmental impact of our largest tree planting effort to date.
    • Community and Home Gardens
      Chapters and individuals will create community and home gardens to reduce negative environmental impact and promote sustainable agriculture.
      • Waste Reduction
      Waste reduction efforts will engage individuals and communities in eco-friendly practices to reduce household waste.
        • Shredding and Electronics Recycling Day

        Shredding and Electronics Recycling Day is an annual event to safely dispose of unused electronic devices and securely shred old paper documents resulting in reducing the burden on landfills and natural resources.


        Myra Hart


        Dionne Minor


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